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There are a few factors that can almost guarantee a memorable photo, and they all boil down to one thing: EMOTION.

Quickly, just think back on all the photos you've seen in your life? Not all photos are memorable. In fact, most photos aren't memorable. How many photos do you think you'll be able to describe from memory? One or two? Any at all

I'm sure you want your photos to be memorable. It's probably the main reason why you take photos in the first place - either because you want to preserve your own memories, or because you want to create art that someone else will remember. So creating images that will remain in your viewer's mind long after he/she looks the other way is quite possible.

And this is exactly what we want too!

High Quality Images

While your smartphone is capable of capturing an image at 72dpi (resolution needed for web) there are still so many limitations with settings. As professionals, we know how to use the camera to give you the best quality images. We look at the environment we are shooting in and from there determine where to set our settings on the camera to ensure an almost perfect shot. This will make for images that are more pleasing to the eye.

Editing that is Worth Every Dime

When you hire our professional photographers,  you are also paying for the time it takes to edit those photos. getting a good edit can make or break a photo. The editing a professional can provide is far more advanced than the editing you can do on your smart phone or built-in app on your computer. A professional’s “touch” can bring a photo to life!

We know What Works

We get that there is a convenience in taking your own photos for your website or projects, you know what you need! However, a professional knows if an idea you have will work or not. Often times we can think something will look good in a photo, but in reality, it ends up looking awkward or out-of-place, lets take the stress off you.





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We know how to use the camera to bring out the best in you, for you, your Brand and Company.



Thought to take with you:

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Your Birthday is always a good time to celebrate and be celebrated, but many times people take this moment for granted, this is a unique moment in time to create and draw invaluable relationships. This is a time to get family closer, connect with friends, connect with clients, and draw in new clients, connect with followers, and increase the following. This is the best time of the year and it can reap many rewards when you know how to make it to your favor.

 We know a thing or 2 and we would like to share this unique secret with you

Are you are ready to learn how to celebrate and be celebrated by valuable relationships?

Whom we work with

Any person who cares about quality and wants to create a professional image to connect with and create valuable relationships

I am a Professional and ..

"I want to build my brand so I can stand out"

"I need to create my  brand story and need the right visuals for this"


 "I want to stand out from other brands or persons"

"I want to increase my tribe and ideal clients so I can make money for my business"

"I want to create a personal image that speaks to the true me"

"I love to have a well-curated photo and video portfolio this is important for any business"

"I want photos that make me authentic so my audience can relate with my brand essence"

"I care about photos looking beautiful"

This is exactly what we do best

A ptrofessional Photograph of an Elegant woman who exudes her personality

Exude Personality

Professional Videos and Photography for Professionals.


Great Job and Great Media team!

Thank you Dacha Studios

Dr. Uche Ralph

Love the way you guys really understand and curate photos for brands

Thank you, guys!

Theresa Akpeyi

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