Master the art of showing up

and standing out

5 steps to brand dominance

The World Awaits You!
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You know you should be Visible to your clients...


but you have no clue where to begin.



Does this sound familiar?

How would your business be different if you could:


Show up consistently for your clients

Connect with your clients

Build a desirable brand that attracts your ideal clients

Showcase your products or services

Achieve your financial goals


We have made connecting with your ideal clients super easy now. 


Show up confident and consistently so you can attract your ideal clients


The Ultimate Sales Conversion Photo and video Package for

Business Owners





Here’s how this photo and video package is different from OTHERS

We are very intentional, and this package is created especially for business owners and startups like you.


We ensure you don't take pictures but take photos that make a difference 

We are specialized and we have created this bundle because we know what works and we need you to stand out not blend in

We have curated a special sales conversion package to drive your brand essence and ensure you show up and show up strong!


We care about your brand and your client's relationships and we want to help you nurture them and be intentional about this, this shows you care about your ideal clients and value them

We are brand experts and we are clear about what your brand needs to be desirable, efficient, and attractive to its ideal clients.


We do all the thinking, and curating, and creating- you just show up!

In our specially curated photo and video sessions,

we have your growth in mind.


By the end of the shoot, you would have created an inspiring masterpiece that will help you nurture a deeper bond, build your brand statement and showcase brand essence, you will effectively grow your brand's fanbase or following.


You will stop stressing for clients and simply seat back and see how your connections start to get monetized.

 Here's why this is important


"Visibility helps increase revenue in a cost-effective manner. This one is no secret. More visibility equals more potential customers and more people who can refer you to others. ... It's important that potential customers can locate your business"

Here’s what your going to get:

the 5 things you need
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Portrait  photography or portraiture in photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.


We love it as it exudes, personality, mood and is artistic

It commands a lot of interest because it is naturally creative


(3 pHOTOS)

Personal branding photography more known as Lifestyle shoots is a private session for business owners.  In these sessions, we focus on you or your products or a little bit of both!  These sessions are less formal than a headshot session.  They are more organic than a standard product photography session.  We focus on showing off your personality and style!  We like to think of them as business lifestyle sessions!


Personal branding photography images may be used on social media.  They also could appear on a website, in advertisements or in marketing materials.  Any place you will need or want to market your business or company, You need a quality photograph!


(10 Photos)

IMG_8652-4.jpg web.jpg

Headshots -It’s the single most important marketing tool for everyone. Your headshot is your calling card. A nice color 8x10 of your face, from which people will look for you, and you will make lots of money for them. It will be easily shared to tons of prospects, You want to be seen as a pro, not an amateur, so the way you present yourself in your picture is everything. If you want people to take you seriously, you must have a good, high quality, killer headshot. Not an iPhone pic, not a Facebook photo


(2 photos)

A well-curated Photo session

(15 photos)

Here we create jaw-dropping photos & Images that create instant connections and appreciations, stunning appearance, soulful, endearing, and memorable.

Images and photos that make you stand out and memorable

These pictures are curated with you and your audience in mind,  Your brand and business can't be ignored, we want to create jaw-dropping, scroll stopping moment for you, so you can connect with your potential clients in an invaluable way.


We Are



Get Styled IN STYLE -



You get a celebrity moment where you are pampered, Prepped, and uniquely styled by top-notch artists and styling professionals, our top Fashion stylist, Make up artist, and Hairstylist will instantly transform you into a celebrity.


Because you are special and you deserve to be treated so....


Fashionable Accessories

high fashion


Listen, we are going all out for you because it is your very special day, We are leaving nothing to chance.

 so we hooked up with our top-notch stylist and asked her if she will be happy to do this for you and guess what she was sooo moved by what we are trying to achieve and ................................. wait for it!


She is going to make out time just for you and that is because she knows that getting you all fashioned out! are the winners call. We can't wait, can you!

Clothing Store

So whether you just want to mix and match from your existing collection in your closet or you would like to go shopping for something special- we got you! Our stylist will ensure you are all set for stunning!


Professional Make-up
Now we are taking away all the guesswork and test and trials, that's why we also  hooked up with a topnotch makeup professional to ensure you get the best all-round


150 People love it

Now, you have stunning  PHOTOs!!



              OH NO! but your caption, is such a turn-off!


Don't worry we got you covered!


You get professional captions from our professional content copywriters, with proven track records


Just so you can show up non stop!

When you add that all up


All these goodies come out to a value of N750,000.


But for a limited time, you can take up this special offer for a special investment of N100,000 (additional cost may apply for a makeover).

Grab the attention of your ideal clients for only N100,000

Are you ready


We want you to be 100% confident 

Whilst we are confident about our Package because you are working with top professionals and we understand what it takes to get you front, back, and center of your audience


We guarantee you if you work with us you are headed for an amazing and rewarding experience


We know that outcomes vary, some totally amazing and out of this world, and may not be typical but however we have taken care in this package ensuring all that is needed for a successful experience is achieved 

Still, we promise you a 100% Money back guarantee, if you are Unsatisfied


I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.


terms and conditions





My name is Mary Ephraim- Egbas. I've been a Brand and Marketing expert for up to 20 years. I'm a business owner and a lover of creativity and art.

I have this deep passion for watching people go through the process of starting and growing their brands and business and build success for themselves and their families. 


Now my passion has extended to helping these brands succeed in the digital age thru well-curated photography, videos, and designs. We help build their confidence, brand, and their income.

The land space of marketing and business positioning has clearly shifted and now business owners have more opportunities than ever to show up for their clients,  building strong relationships and followings. Businesses are now built through the eyes of the cameras, 


Building my businesses has taught me to adapt and in these transforming times, every business needs a brand that is visible and sustainable I want to help business owners show up confident, amiably, and attracting valuable relationships that increase their value and income.

So we are here to make you shine and take away the frustrations of showing up online or offline, we simply allow you to focus on what you know how to do best -create value for your brand,  ideal clients, and followers


We are going to help you smash every camera fears, build the valuable and amazing brand you dreamed of that speaks to your true brand essence.


We are here to make you know you can build the business of your dreams for you and your family.


This Package is PERFECT for you if...

"I am a professional" and...

"I want to build my brand so I can stand out"

"I need to create my  brand story and need the right visuals for this"


 "I want to stand out from other brands or persons"

"I want to increase my tribe and ideal clients so I can make money for my business"

"I want to create a personal image that speaks to the true me"

"I love to have a well-curated photo and video portfolio this is important for any business"

"I want photos that make me authentic so my audience can relate with my brand essence"

"I care about photos looking beautiful"

Don’t let another year go by before you take the right steps to ensure your desired outcome


If you made it this far…….


Then you are ready to show up and be rewarded with these special connections


I know you  appreciate showing up and connecting and nurturing valuable relationships


You are ready to succeed and you know the importance of showing up strong and confident

Heres why you need to grab this offer now:

For a limited time we are offering this photo shoot with bonuses:

Bonus 1: 

A captivating video that tells the story of who you are, the brand your building, and your message to the world.


 We are happy to create with you a captivating video that will help you connect with your audience



Bonus 2:

A special gift, we wouldn't want to let the cat out of the bag but we'll let you have a sneak peek since you are curious, you get featured in your dream magazine- FOR REAL! Yeah not for real but we can make things happen. Like I said wait for it! We are sure you will love it anyway



Bonus 3:

Free attention captivating captions for your gorgeous images and videos, we are going all the way with you in this journey, you get from our top content writers captions that are scroll stops.










A Portraiture


Working with Mary and her team is always a delight! Thank you for all you do and making this so much fun

Headshoy Photograph


Great Job guys, I love the fact that you think through the entire process, and take away the whole stress - Keep it up! 

Frequently asked questions

I’m afraid of signing up and then not having the time or energy required to get the shoots done

You have nothing to worry about. You can always rebook your session to a more convenient time. Also, you won’t lose your money and it’s at no extra cost to you. However, you are to give us a 48hours notice if you won’t be available for your shoot.

I’ve had several Photo shoots in the past and they were not satisfactory

We hate you’ve had such experiences in the past. That’s why at Dacha studios, our processes are designed to ensure you’re 100% satisfied. We have several years of experience working with different clients, so be rest assured to get the best.

I can’t afford this right now...

Not to worry! We’re available for you at any convenient time. We wouldn’t want you to miss on the opportunity of showing up and getting to connect with your prospective clients, that’s why we have flexible payment plans for your convenience. Please click now for payment options.

When I have more money I’ll do this...

SURE! we would love that. Be sure, we are always available for you at any convenient time. For your ease, as we won't want you to miss out on the opportunity of showing up and connecting with your prospective clients. We can offer you a flexible payment plan for your convenience. You are able to make an initail deposit now, and pay in full by the shoot, simply click payment plan option at checkout, or book now and request payment plan.

Do I really need to spend money on something like this...

Yes! It has become a need for people and brands to enhance themselves visually. By this many have gained high visibility and build trust. This will help you connect with your followers and build ideal relationships which can be monetized. At Dacha Studios, we provide that for you and your brand.

How much time is this going to take out of my week / add to my schedule…

We know you are very busy. That’s why we make arrangements with clients like you to schedule their session at a more convenient time. The shoot will take about 6 hours of your invested time and if you go for the full pakage, it may take more than a days shoot, all worth it!. Our team of professionals are always time conscious. We have several years of experience working with lot of brands and professionals so we know the value of time. However, while being time conscious, we ensure you get the best value for your money.

Is there a payment plan...

Yes! We have a flexible payment plan. If you are unable to make a full payment at the time of booking not to worry we got you covered, Please opt for the payment plan at check out or simply request payment plan when booking, you are able to make an initial payment now and by the shoot date you can finalise your booking by making full payments.



A Happy African woman


A well-curated Photo session-

(15 photos)

Here we create jaw-dropping photos & Images that create instant connections and appreciations, stunning appearance, soulful, endearing, and memorable.


Get Styled IN STYLE

 -You get a celebrity moment where you are pampered, Prepped, and uniquely styled by top-notch artists and styling professionals, our top Fashion stylist, Make up artist, and Hairstylist will instantly transform you into a celebrity.


Professional Make-up
Now we are taking away all the guesswork and test and trials, that's why we also  hooked up with a topnotch makeup professional to ensure you get the best all-round

.....with Bonuses

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